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Woodstock Games is a family run board game business, founded in 2022 by J. Daniel Woodstock. The company currently has two games, Dice Fights and Terraform. Dice Fights is the first published game and can be purchased now in our store. Terraform is still currently undergoing playtesting and designing before it’s debut.

The owner is a huge fan of board games as he grew up playing many with his family. Even as a kid he was always creating new games out of nothing, it wasn’t until only a few years ago he realized he could actually pursue this talent and passion, make it a business and distribute his games to others who would enjoy them.

Founded in 2022


Introducing, Terraform, the newest board game from Woodstock Games with an expected release in 2024. Terraform is a 4 player board game with the ability to manipulate the board as you play.

Four wizards have come across an unclaimed barren land, but have been cursed upon entrance to a constantly shifting form. To return to their full power and claim dominance over the land, they must travel the board to collect their relics and win the game!

Visit the Terraform Kickstarter page to follow along and be notified of the launch.

Dice Fights kickstarter

After self publishing Dice Fights, Woodstock Games set about creating a Kickstarter to support their small business and grow their audience. The Kickstarter launched January 30th, 2023 and raised $17,000 and had 298 backers from a total of 22 countries.


2023 Interview with J. Daniel Woodstock

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In January of 2023 the owner of Woodstock Games got the chance to appear on the podcast I Am Woodstock to discuss his journey of creating Dice Fights